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Double Plain Wall H type hollow wall spiral drainage pipe extrusion line

Double Plain Wall H type hollow wall spiral drainage pipe extrusion line

Brief Introduction:
HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe has been recognized as a substitute for cement pipes and cast iron pipes because of its superior properties for water drainage. Changjie is the authority manufacture in China. We have the strongest technology advantages and rich experience on pipe production and installation. Our line has advantages of advanced design, high configuration,reliable operation and long life span.The capacity of same model is much higher than domestic industry. Especially big models for large diameter pipes can meet the need of big customers home and abroad. The quality and performance of our line reach leading level in the world.







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This pipe production line is a new kind of drainage pipe production line developed by our company, is mainly used for producing the HDPE/PP winding drainage pipe from ID 300-4000mm. The kind of pipe is made from PE/PP with thermoforming technology, it is of high ring stiffness, low weight, easy jointing and no leak, and it is mainly used for municipal drainage, agricultural drainage and agricultural irrigation. It is of electrical fusion welding socket and spigot, this is the most of reliable joint.

The line is designed with the latest technology, high production efficiency, and easy operation.

The line can continuously produce the winding pipe, its efficiency is very high, not need to change the mould. It can produce the pipe with different ring stiffness and wall structure from 300mm to 3500mm within short time by changing some elements, and there is no material waste during the changing elements. In addition, this production line can produce large diameter compositing reinforced pipe for high pressure water transportation after it can be updated.

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