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PET strap band packing belt extruder machine

PET strap band packing belt extruder machine

PET strap band packing belt extruder machine

The PET strap band extruder machine is mainly composed of automatic feeder, dryer (or dehumidification and drying device), extruder, filter, mold, water tank, tractor, oven, stretching unit, heat setting box, winding machine and other equipments. .
The raw materials of PET strapping straps are mainly from waste PET bottles (Coca-Cola, Sprite bottles, etc.). After being broken, qualified products are produced. It can be said that turning waste into treasure, low investment, quick results, it is the best choice for investors. PET plastic steel belt is a new type of strapping band that replaces steel belts that is currently popular in the world.  It is widely used in metal aluminum, stone, chemical fiber, cotton spinning, Tobacco, paper, wood, building materials, etc.







PET strap band production line 

Features of pet packing belt:
1.Strong tensile strength: have the tensile strength of steel belt and the ductility of impact resistance, it can ensure the transportation safety of your products.

2.Low elongation: The elongation is only 1/6 of polypropylene (PP) tape, which can maintain the tension for a long time.

3.Strong temperature resistance: the melting point is 260 degrees, and it will not deform when used below 120 degrees.

4.Good flexibility: No sharp edges of the steel belt, safe operation, neither hurting hands nor damaging the tied objects.

5.Beautiful and not rusty: There is no risk of rusting the steel belt and polluting the tied objects. The color is bright and can be seen.

6.Good economic benefits: The length of 1 ton of plastic steel belt is equivalent to 6 tons of steel belt, and the unit price per meter is lower than steel belt, which can reduce costs.

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