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Multi-Layer Pipe Plastic Extruder Machine HDPE SJ-120

Multi-Layer Pipe Plastic Extruder Machine HDPE SJ-120

Multi-Layer Pipe Plastic Extruder Machine HDPE SJ-120

Performance and advantages: 

According to the special needs of users, we can provide 2-layer/3-layer/5-layer and multi-layer solid-wall plastic pipe production lines. Multiple extrusion plastic extruders can be unified and synchronized speed adjustment, and multiple meter weight control system can be selected , It is controlled by the main control console PLC to realize the quantitative extrusion of each extruder; The multi-layer spiral mold designed according to different layers and the thickness ratio of each layer.The reasonable distribution of mould cavity runners to ensure uniform layer thickness of the pipe and plasticizing better effect of the layer.










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PE pipe Production line make the PE pipe Application field:

1. Urban and rural tap water pipeline system

PE solid wall pipe is sanitary, non-toxic, non-scaling, more suitable for urban and rural water supply main pipes and buried pipes, safe, sanitary, economical, convenient for construction, and long service life.

2. Urban Gas Transmission Pipelines

Because PE solid-wall pipes have better creep resistance and economy, they gradually replace ductile iron pipes for urban gas transportation.

3. Replaceable cement pipes, cast iron pipes and steel pipes

It is used in old network reconstruction projects without large-scale excavation, convenient construction and low cost, and can be widely used in pipe network reconstruction in old urban areas.

4. Industrial raw material transportation pipeline

It can be used as a raw material conveying pipe for chemical, chemical fiber, food, forestry, pharmaceutical, light industry, papermaking, metallurgy and other industries.

5. Landscaping water supply network

Landscaping requires a large number of water pipelines, and the flexibility and low cost of PE solid-wall pipes make it the best choice.

6. Pipes for sewage discharge

PE solid-wall pipes have unique corrosion resistance and can be used for industrial wastewater and sewage discharge, with low cost and maintenance costs.

7.Ore and mud transportation

PE solid-wall pipes have high stress resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and can be widely used to transport ore, coal ash and river dredging slurry.

8. Agricultural irrigation pipes

PE solid wall pipe has smooth inner wall, large flow, can be used across road construction, and has good impact resistance. It is an ideal pipe material for agricultural irrigation.

9. Marine pipelines

PE solid-wall pipes are easy to connect and can be widely used in the internal water supply and drainage of large ships.

10. Pipelines for seawater desalination

PE solid-wall pipes have long service life and high cost performance, and are widely used in seawater desalination projects.

11. Rural biogas pipeline

Because PE solid-wall pipes have better economic efficiency, they are being widely used in rural biogas projects.

12. Dedicated pipelines for ground source heat pumps

At present, all the pipes dedicated to the ground source heat pump system use PE solid-wall pipes.

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