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Plastic Sheet Extrusion Machine

Single-layer or multi-layer co-extruded board/sheet extrusion production line include single/twin screw extruder, three-roll calender, shaping device, cooling rack, tractor, shearing machine, sawing machine, stacker and Winding machine, and various related parts such as: mirror roller, embossing roller, screw, barrel, scrap recycling device and conveyor, etc.

1.The plastic sheet(board) extrusion machines adopts high-efficiency, double-mixing bimetallic separable screw, the material is 38CrMOA1A high-quality nitrided steel, and it is nitrided and the surface is sprayed with alloy. With excellent plasticizing and mixing capabilities, it is especially suitable for the production of high-end sheets. 


3.The reduction box body is made of steel castings, the gears are made of alloy steel and have been ground teeth. The lubrication points in the box body are all forced to lubricate, and the lubricating oil is equipped with an efficient water cooling system.

3. The three-roller adopts horizontal installation, the movable frame can produce different surfaces of sheets without changing the position of the roller, shortening the time for changing the roller.  

4. The calendering roller is independently driven by frequency conversion and speed regulation. The roller adopts 45# seamless steel pipe through special process treatment. It is specially equipped with automatic water supply and temperature control device to greatly reduce the roller surface gradient, so that the sheet surface pattern is clear, smooth and flat without warping. 

5. The unit can not only produce (micro-foam) sheet materials used in luggage, handbags, golf accessories and other manufacturing, packaging, stationery manufacturing, etc., but also can produce PE foam hat brim with a little stereotyped bay arc device. , The compatibility of the unit is improved, the enterprise reduces repeated investment, and the market is wider. 

Purpose: This production line is mainly suitable for the production of PP, PS, PE, ABS and other materials. The die head of the main machine is replaced. It can also be used for the processing of PVC, PMMA, and PC plates. After installing auxiliary equipment such as drying, that is Can be processed for PET.

China Changjie HDPE geocell sheet production line manufacturers -
HDPE geocell sheet production line Description:plastic geocell production line SJ series plastic single direction drawing earthwork grid set is a new product developed by our company on the base of absorbing and digesting advanced technology from the world The line for the production of Geocell, the product is a thermoplastic sheet by ultrasonic welding method to connect the commencement of three-dimensional honeycomb-style geotextile products, geocell unique three-dimensional structure, with soil, sand, stone and other filler composition of different cohesion, different stiffening strength, different thickness of the cushion, the price used in railway, road embankment, slope protection, construction of defense walls and so on.Applications:The grid is widely used for reinforcing mad bed of expressway municipal road, railway and airport runway; reinforcement of reinforced earth on both side of road, railway and rover; strengthening the dyers of river and sea; enclosing wall of orchard, vegetable plot, domestic animal and land. The grid is made of high polymer first extruded by extruder and then drew longitudinally. The grid with high drawing strength is suitable for all kinds of soil. Its all functions and indexes surpass the earthwork net which not be drew, so it is the best ideal reinforced material. As the set is characterized by high output, good benefit, even quality and easy operation, so it is the best choice for earthwork material and plastic products manufacture to develop new products.-To stable the railway bed-To stable the highway bed-To fix the loading capacity of the dikes and the walls-Used in the river regulation-To support the pipeline and drains-To avoid the landslide and used in composite walls to support gravity loading-Used in independent wall, boatyard and river bank and so on-Used in the tidy-up of the desert, beach, river bed and the river bank
PE Sheet/Board/Panel Extrusion Machine Production Line
PE Sheet/Board/Panel Extrusion Machine Production LinePE sheet/board are mainly used in automotive industry and electronic devices, electrical equipment industrial production, LCD display screens and industrial production machinery parts, mirrors, various identification plates, packaging and printing, membrane switches, nameplates , Protective mask, can be used in thick sheet blister machine for blister processing, production and manufacture of various PE sheet material lamp covers, PE sheet material logo, protective cover, vending machine control panel, lighting cover and so on.
PVC WPC sheet/board production line extrusion machine
PVC WPC sheet/board production line extrusion machineThe PVC sheet/board production line is mainly used to produce various specifications of PVC boards. The thickness of the sheet is generally 6-30mm, and the width is 400-2000mm. It can also produce single-layer and multi-layer soft and hard PVC boards (sheets) and PVC wide-width flooring. leather. The PVC board equipment produced by our company has been improved by our company for many times. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and stable product quality. It can produce PVC polymer paint-free board by adding an online laminating device.
WPC Semi-skinning foam board machine/PVC foam board machine
The whole WPC PVC foam board machine has beautiful appearance and easy operation. The foam board has the characteristics of high foaming ratio, high surface hardness and smooth surface. The PVC crust foam board produced is mainly used in environmental protection, chemical industry, anti-corrosion, advertising, heat preservation and other fields.