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Plastic Pipe Making Machine

The plastic pipe production line is composed of control system, extruder, die head, shaping cooling system, tractor, cutting device and turning frame. Each pipe production line has two extruders. One of the main extruders uses powerful conveying bushings and high-efficiency screws, and the other smaller extruder is used to extrude the marking line. If the production of multi-layer co-extruded pipes requires additional extruders to achieve multi-machine co-extrusion.

The plastic pipe extruder adopts high-efficiency screw, slotted barrel, and strong water jacket cooling, which greatly improves the conveying capacity and ensures high-efficiency extrusion; high-torque vertical structure gear box; DC or AC drive motor. The basket-type composite die head suitable for processing has the characteristics of convenient adjustment and uniform discharge, which not only ensures the stability of high-efficiency extrusion, but also realizes the minimum stress and the highest pipe quality brought by low melt temperature. Adopting high-efficiency double-cavity vacuum sizing technology and spray cooling water tank, the sizing sleeve adopts a unique slotting process and water ring cooling to ensure the forming accuracy of the pipe, improve the yield of the pipe, and meet the needs of high-speed production. The multi-track tractor is adopted, and the traction force is even and stable. Each track is driven by an independent AC servo motor, and the drive technology controlled by a digital controller realizes accurate speed adjustment to achieve a high degree of synchronization. The cutting machine adopts high-speed and precise design, the cutting section is flat, and is equipped with a powerful chip suction device. The cutting machine takes the fixed-length work switch signal as a command to complete the whole cutting process, and keeps synchronization with the pipe operation during the cutting process. The turning action of the turning frame is realized by the air cylinder through the air circuit control. The turning frame is equipped with a limit device. After the cutting saw cuts the pipe, the pipe continues to be transported. After a delay, the cylinder enters the work to realize the turning action. The purpose of unloading. After unloading, it will automatically reset after a few seconds delay, and wait for the next cycle.

800mm Large Diameter HDPE/MDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Machine
Performance and advantages: The HDPE/MDPE water supply pipe and gas pipe production line independently developed by Changjie Company has a unique structure, high degree of automation, convenient operation, stable and reliable continuous production. The pipeline produced by this production line has moderate rigidity, strength, good flexibility, creep resistance, environmental stress crack resistance and good thermal welding performance. It has become the first choice for urban gas pipelines and outdoor water supply pipes.
Multi-Layer Pipe Plastic Extruder Machine HDPE SJ-120
Multi-Layer Pipe Plastic Extruder Machine HDPE SJ-120Performance and advantages: According to the special needs of users, we can provide 2-layer/3-layer/5-layer and multi-layer solid-wall plastic pipe production lines. Multiple extrusion plastic extruders can be unified and synchronized speed adjustment, and multiple meter weight control system can be selected , It is controlled by the main control console PLC to realize the quantitative extrusion of each extruder; The multi-layer spiral mold designed according to different layers and the thickness ratio of each layer.The reasonable distribution of mould cavity runners to ensure uniform layer thickness of the pipe and plasticizing better effect of the layer.
16-32mm PE-RT Pipe Production Extrusion Line Supplier
16-32mm PE-RT Pipe Production Extrusion Line SupplierPE-RT (Heat Reinforced Polyethylene) is a kind of polyolefin plastic plastic whose density is basically the same as other thermoplastics. DOWLEX2388 (http://www.dow.com/) is produced by Dow Chemical Company. Copolymerization of ethylene and octene. In the polymerization process, molecular design is used to control the position of the copolymer conjoined on the main chain and the density of short branches, so that it has super temperature resistance and long-lasting hydrostatic strength. And excellent shock wave strength.●DOWLEX raw material has a unique molecular structure. It uses linear ethylene as the main chain and controllable branching, thereby having good water pressure resistance. The long-term water pressure test has confirmed that the life of this product is 110 ℃ and 2Mpa (10 bar). (Equal to 1 Mpa) under the condition of ring stress far more than one year.●Germany Battenfeld (BATTENFELD) company introduced the plastic molding extruder (extrusion pipe) is designed and manufactured using the most advanced technology in the world, with high-speed extrusion molding, automatic cutting to length, and computer software to control the entire production process Advanced performance.●PE-RT tube forming process: automatic feeding -→material melt extrusion -→vacuum sizing -→water bath cooling -→tube coiling -→coated belt traction -→online logo printing -→air-dried finished product quality inspection -→Packing●In Europe, PE-RT pipe is currently the most popular high-end pipe variety,●Strong high temperature resistance (up to 110℃)●Impact resistance●Good flexibility at low temperature (up to -40℃)●Strong resistance to embrittlement at low temperature●Good creep resistance●Safety and hygiene● Weldability, the system does not leak, safe and reliable
PPR Pipe Production Line Extrusion Machine
PPR Pipe Production Line Extrusion MachineRaw material + color masterbatch → mixing → vacuum feeding → raw material drying → single screw extruder → color line extruder → Mould → sizing sleeve → spray vacuum setting tank → spray cooling water tank → inkjet printer → tractor → finished product inspection and packagingThe PPR pipe production line uses a special PPR high-efficiency extruder with German technology. The screw adopts a barrier and mixing head structure. The barrel adopts a new slotted barrel. The plasticization and mixing effect is good, and the extrusion volume is large and very stable.The PPR pipe extrusion machine is a spiral die head designed for PPR pipes. The die has the characteristics of low melt temperature, good mixing performance, low cavity pressure and stable production. The proprietary sizing and cooling system adopts water film lubrication and water ring cooling to meet the requirements of PPR materials and ensure the stability of the diameter and roundness of thick-walled PPR pipes produced at high speed.The PPR pipe making machine is specially designed with a multi-stage vacuum sizing box with vacuum control to ensure the dimensional stability and roundness of the PPR pipe. The extruder and tractor are driven and controlled by the frequency converter of Taiwan TECO, which has good stability, high precision and high reliability.
315mm PVC Pipe Production Line Making Machine Made in China
Plastic PVC pipe making machineThis PVC pipe machine consists mainly of twin conical (parallel) screw extruder, vacuum calibration tank, haul-off, cutter, tilter...etc. The screw extruder and haul-off unit have applied imported A/C inverter, the barrel and screw are under hard chrome plated an bimetallic treatment, effectively reduce the abrasion caused by the CaCo3 and other additives. Both vacuum pump and driving motor have applied excellent products.     The haul-off machine includes two-claw type, three-claw type, four-claw type, six-claw type, eight-claw type...etc. Sawing cutting machine or planet cutting machine can be applied, it is additionally equipped with length measuring meter and thickness increasing device, the property of machine group is reliable, the production efficiency is high, with special device, it can produce inner wall spiral pipe, inner wall hollow pipe, and core layer foam pipe...etc. Change the extruder, the line can also produce PP, PE, ABS, PP-R, PEX silicon core pipe and pipe of other material. The planetary cutting machine is fully automatic computer digital control; it has such advantages of simple operation, reliable property, etc. It has reached world advanced level.We can supply the online full automatic belling machine according to customer’s requirement.
PE/PP/PVC Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Production line
PE/PP/PVC Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Production lineDescription:PE PP PVC Single Wall corrugated pipe production line also called single wall corrugated pipe extruder, single wall corrugated pipe extrusion line, single wall corrugated pipe machine, single wall corrugated pipe equipment, single wall corrugated pipe extruder machine.ectThis pipe production line consists of Extruder, Mold Blocks, Corrugated Forming Machine, Cooling Equipment,Counting Machine and Auto winding system. It can continuously produce many kinds of diameter single wall corrugated pipe in high speed.We developed the mahcine on the basis of traditional structure, we give new designing on the forming table, we adopt SJ45, SJ65,SJ90,SJ120 to produce different range pipe diameter. our machine easy to operate, stable running, we provide long term after sell service.Applications:This machine can be used to produce single-wall or one wall corrugated pipe of PE,PP,PVC,EVA continuously, as well as PA corrugated pipes.plastic single-wall corrugated pipes have features of high temperature resistance, resistant to corrosion and abrasion, high intensity, good flexibility, etc. They are widely using in many fields, such as auto wire, electric thread-passing pipes, circuit of machine tool, protective pipes of lamps and lanterns wire, tubes if air condutioner and washing machine,etc...Molding corrugation pipe with smooth inside and outside surface,and even ripple at one time by corresponding die; Used as wire and cable passing pipe ,washing machine drain pipe,dust collector pipe and ventiduct; Small size corrugation pipe of 4-6.7 are used in car.
HDPE Large-Diameter Hollow Wall Winding Pipe Production Line
HDPE twin-wall helix pipe extrusion lineHDPE large diameter draining pollution pipe lineLarge diameter winding tube unitProjects conduit equipmentHollow wall HDPE winding pipe machine HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipes have been recognized as a substitute for cement pipes and cast iron pipes since it possesses many particular advantages. HDPE large diameter hollow pipes have big market potentiality. The line adopts two sets of single-screw extruders to ensure high speed and quality extruding; Unique design of composite die-head and forming by spiral rotation ensure high efficiency and quality; Advanced PLC Control system makes operation very convenient and operation very efficient; Special pipe fittings are adopted and connection is very convenient.Large-diameter hollowness winding pipe production lineThe Qingdao changjie machine Co.Ltd produce the large-diameter winding pipe production line for the fourth generation of product, the outlook design was already artistic, the automaticity is high, the operation is simple, the production pipe speed is quickest for the same profession. This product hits the product for the changjie Company hosts, its sales volume for this local same profession first. The present company produces the double wall winding pipe production line, only need replace the partial molds then to produce the single wall winding pipe, may save raw material to reach 40%, is suitable in the different use special demand, has made the enormous contribution for the energy conservation environmental protection!•The HDPE large –diameter hollowness winding pipe, is the country “15” the key science and technology research project. Our company through the introduction digestion overseas advance technology, has developed successfully the HDPE large –diameter hollowness winding pipe production line and puts in the market, may produce tubing caliber 200-3000mm the large pipe. This pipe is the substitution steel pipe, cement pipe's ideal draining water pollution discharge product.•The HDPE large –diameter hollowness winding pipe non-toxic, tasteless, the corrosion preventing, the anti-aging, Weather fastness is  good (-70~C to +80~C) to be possible in underground and the surface use. Widely applies in agricultural, the industry water distribution project.•This production line equipment operation is keen, the output is high, the product size is stable, the complete set production line provides the craft formula and “hands over the key” the project. 
6pvc Crust Formboard
PVC Crust/Celuka Foam Board Production Line (SJSZ80/156)PVC WPC Foam Sheet Extruder MachinePVC Crust Foam Sheet/WPC Celuka Foam Board Extrusion LinePVC and PVC wood composite crust foamed board( building board, WPC plate) extrusion line, is our company new product according to the market need, it could reduce the cost, recycling the material and reduce the pollution. The WPC board uses PVC, waste wood or agricultural plants, CaCo3 and other additives as main material, the boards are the newly products that can take place of the steel plate and bamboo plate.The products features environment friendly, corrosion-resistance, damp-proof, moth-proof, distortion resistance, and can be processed under the same processing conditions as wood products, low cost, light weight, and could recycle more than 30 times, therefore they have wide and popular application in the future.. The waste woods and plastic can be recycled to produce WPC boards, which not only good to the environment, but also “turn wasted into wealth”.PVC and WPC crust foamed boards also use widely as building board, tools board, furniture, mould for block, packaging ,recycling box, advertisement plate, show plate, business plate, roof, ship profile, etc. this product have specifications as weather resistance, resistance germ, corrode, cloudy, ant, fire, elect, worms, mice, ultraviolet ray, etc. also could keep temperature, use long times.This production line adopts special designed SJZ80 conical twin screw extruder, uses DC speed regulator, imported world famous brand temperature controller, has the advantages of large speed regulating scope, accurate temperature control, easy and reliable operation. The auxiliary units consist of vacuum foamed stand, haul-off, cutting machine and stacker, etc. It is equipped with large forced cooling device to ensure good foamed result. The caterpillar type haul-off adopts précised reduction and frequency inverter, features reasonable structure; large hauling force and stable haul off. The cutting machine has the characteristics of reliable and precise working, accurate cutting, etc. The stacker is matched with movable trolley and special designed rubber protection shield, has the advantages of damage free to the product, easy and convenient operation, etc. The auxiliary units are able to use the PLC control, which is stable and reliable.
HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe production line
HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe production lineThe HDPE large diameter hollow wall winding pipe production line is also called HDPE winding pipe extruder machine, which adopts two sets of single-screw extruders to ensure high speed and quality extruding; Unique design of composite die-head and forming by spiral rotation ensure high efficiency and quality; Advanced PLC Control system makes operation very convenient and operation very efficient; Special pipe fittings are adopted and connection is very convenient.
Professional 160mm PVC pipe making machine manufacturers
The PVC pipe making machine uses high-efficiency extruders for special PVC pipes. The screw barrel adopts a special structure. The plasticization and mixing effect is good, and the extrusion volume is large and very stable.PVC pipe refers to that the main raw material for pipe is PVC resin powder. The types of PVC pipes are generally classified according to the purpose of the pipes: drainage pipes, water supply pipes, wire pipes, cable sheathing...
800mm Large Diameter HDPE Water and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Machine
800mm Large Diameter HDPE/MDPE Water Supply and Gas Supply Pipe Extrusion Machine.The product features good heat dissipation. Front vents promote front-to-back airflow keeps it stay cool, helping keep it running smoothly.
20-63mm PVC pipe machine/pvc conduit pipe making machine
20-63mm PVC pipe machine/pvc conduit pipe making machineThe PVC pipe production line produced by our company has been improved many times and now it is not only beautiful in appearance but also economical and practical. The diameter of 20-63mm is generally used for threading pipes. The machine can be design to one time output two or one time output four, so that the output is high.

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